Model and Talent Policies:


Payment Policy:
We take extreme measures to get paid as soon as possible so we can get you paid. Our accounting department works very hard to ensure our clients are paying us as soon as possible. Below are the steps of how the payment process works:

1. Talent "successfully" completes a job

2. Talent Faxes and/or mails in all required paperwork within 24 - 48 hours depending on job (Signed Timesheets, Report Forms, Surveys, Telephone Reporting, etc.)

3. Once iCandy, Inc receives paperwork, client is invoiced (usually the day after promotion or event ends

4. Client sends payment to iCandy, Inc.

5. Talent check is mailed

6. Whole payment process "APPROXIMATELY" takes 30-90 days. However, if client pays sooner, talent check will be mailed sooner. Some clients may take longer to pay, so please remember this. We do our best to stay on top of our clients for payment and to try and get you paid as soon as possible. Please do not contact us about payment unless it is 90 days or more since the date you sent in all of your required paperwork and have not received payment yet. If 90 days have passed and you still have not received payment, please contact

Cancellation/NO SHOW Policy:
We require at least 48 hour notice if you are canceling to avoid a penalty. Our penalties are as follows:
1. Cancel within 48 hours - You remain in our booking database to be booked for other jobs

2. Cancel within 24 hours - You will remain in our booking database, however we mark you down as canceling and not giving us enough notice and if you cancel again within 24 hours or less, you will be removed from our database.

3. Cancel the day of job - You will be removed from our database. - NO SHOW (Not showing up to a job and not informing us) - you will be permanently removed from our database (If a Client of iCandy, Inc. cancels a scheduled event and/or assignment for any reason iCandy, Inc. shall not be responsible, liable.)

Payment of Service Policy:

1. Talent must not discuss and/or engage in any interaction with client, other talent working, or other third party about payment, pay rate, schedule of payment and/or any other compensation pertaining to the job.

2. Talent waives right to any payment of services rendered in the event that iCandy, Inc. does not receive ALL REQUIRED paperwork within 48 hours of job completion and subject to approval by iCandy, Inc. and/or client. Talent waives right to any payment of services rendered in the event talent is dismissed for a job due to unacceptable behavior, lateness, inappropriate dress code, as solely decided by iCandy, Inc. its employees, client, team leaders, event managers or agency representatives.

3. iCandy, Inc. and/or client reserve the right to discontinue/terminate the use of talent without pay if talent is or has not performed in a professional manner determined by the client and/or iCandy, Inc.

Travel/Gas/Mileage Policy:
No compensation is given for Travel, Gas or mileage unless stated in the job description.

Tax Policy:
You are an Independent Contractor so no taxes will be taken out of your check. At the end of a Fiscal year, any talent who has made $600.00 or more with iCandy, Inc. will receive a 1099. You must be sure that iCandy, Inc. has your social security number on file for this purpose. If you complete a job and we do not have your social security number on file, your check(s) will be held until social security number is provided.

Legal Policies:
In the event that Agency engages the services of an attorney to enforce any provision herein Model/Talent shall be liable for Agency's attorney fees.

Check Re-issue Policy:
Model/Talent can choose to pay a $35.00 stop payment fee for a check to be re-issued. *** NO CHECK WILL BE RE-ISSUED AFTER 90 DAYS IN WHICH THE ORIGINAL CHECK WAS PROCESSED*** It is the responsibility of the talent to provide a correct, current mailing address and to cash checks within 90 days of receipt. Agency is not responsible for checks that are damaged, lost, sent to an old or wrong address or not received at all.

Referral Policy:
If you have family or friends who may like to work some of our events please have them email 2 pictures (head shot and body shot) and contact information to


iCandy, Inc Independent Contractor Agreement:


By submitting this form, I understand that I am an Independent Contractor and not an employee with iCandy, Inc. I understand that I am fully responsible for reporting all income and understand that taxes and social security will not be deducted from any payments due hereunder. I also understand that I cannot hold iCandy, Inc. liable for any injuries.

I understand and agree that "iCandy, Inc. " and its clients do not assume liability for injuries sustained by me, for any damage costs or expensed incurred by me during performance of my duties, or coming to and/or from a promotion/event. Model/Talent agrees that all client contact information (EXAMPLE: Client Email Addresses, Office Phone Numbers, Cell Phone Numbers, Mailing Addresses, etc…) provided via iCandy, Inc. will remain confidential and will not be used for personal bookings and will remain confidential and not disclosed to any third parties without permission from iCandy, Inc. Also, no model or talent should ever contact a client directly without prior consent from iCandy, Inc. Models and Talent may not contact a client for current or future bookings without the permission of iCandy, Inc, even if model/talent chooses not to work with iCandy, Inc. within a Two (2) year timeframe.

I Model/Talent understand that payment may take "APPROXIMATELY" 30-90 days and possibly longer depending on when client sends payment to iCandy, Inc, however I understand iCandy, Inc. will do their best to get me paid as soon as possible. Once iCandy, Inc. receives my timesheet and any other required paperwork approved by iCandy, Inc. and/or its client, iCandy,Inc. will then invoice the client and will then mail payment to the above address I listed.

By submitting this agreement, talent acknowledges that they have read, understand and agree to the agreement and its terms and agree to be bound thereby. Talent agrees that facsimile signatures shall be as effective as if original.